bright Hindi

a. चमकदार, स्पष्ट, उज्ज्वल, शुभ्र, सित, उजला, धवल, प्रज्वलित, सुवर्ण, प्रसन्न, अम्लान, मोदित, तीव्रबुद्धि

Contoh kalimat

The bright chiton was a stitched dress.
pengucapan pengucapan
A bright idea came into Alice’s head. “Is that the reason there are so many tea cups here?” she asked.
pengucapan pengucapan
As she said this, she came upon a neat little house; she saw that the door had a bright brass plate with the words ‘W. Rabbit’ engraved on it.
pengucapan pengucapan
Alice noticed with some surprise that the pebbles were all turning into little cakes as they lay on the floor, and a bright idea came into her head.
pengucapan pengucapan
He showed his beautiful head, which was surrounded by a bright aura. His face was alive with joy and surprise, and he smiled to the left and right.
pengucapan pengucapan
I guess so! I guess so! he cried, with his eyes as bright as stars. It was my grandpa again!
pengucapan pengucapan
The room was large and bright, and hung with a bright cloth depicting flowers and birds.
pengucapan pengucapan
Room twelve is as bright as room fourteen.
pengucapan pengucapan
They looked at the bright sunshine, and almost hoped the sun would hasten on its course, such that they might see baby Jesus sooner.
pengucapan pengucapan
Here are some bright coloured dresses.
pengucapan pengucapan


emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts: silky, luminance, fulgid, self-luminous, scintillant, refulgent, sheeny, dazzling, aglitter, glary, gleaming, beadlike, ardent, luminous, shining, agleam, glimmery, luminousness, beaming, buttonlike, glistering, coruscant, lambent, sparkly, silvery, fulgent, scintillating, silvern, pearlescent, buttony, blinding, lurid, silken, slick, beamy, noctilucent, sleek, shimmery, opaline, silklike, twinkling, effulgent, opalescent, lustrous, iridescent, glistening, brightness level, nitid, silver, aglow, glittery, lucent, bright as a new penny, glaring, brightness, beady, luminosity, radiant, blazing, nacreous, brilliant, satiny, glossy, light, glinting, shiny, glittering
having striking color: brilliant, colourful, vivid, colorful
characterized by quickness and ease in learning: intelligent, smart
having lots of light either natural or artificial: light
splendid: glorious
with brightness: brightly, brilliantly
made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing; reflecting a sheen or glow: burnished, polished, lustrous, shiny, shining

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