bright Indonesia

a. cemerlang, binar, gemilang, gilang-cemerlang, benderang, bersinar, cerah, terang, pandai, cerdas, bijaksana, riang, gembira, ringan

Contoh kalimat

He has a bright future.
Dia punya masa depan yang cerah.
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emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts: silky, luminance, fulgid, self-luminous, scintillant, refulgent, sheeny, dazzling, aglitter, glary, gleaming, beadlike, ardent, luminous, shining, agleam, glimmery, luminousness, beaming, buttonlike, glistering, coruscant, lambent, sparkly, silvery, fulgent, scintillating, silvern, pearlescent, buttony, blinding, lurid, silken, slick, beamy, noctilucent, sleek, shimmery, opaline, silklike, twinkling, effulgent, opalescent, lustrous, iridescent, glistening, brightness level, nitid, silver, aglow, glittery, lucent, bright as a new penny, glaring, brightness, beady, luminosity, radiant, blazing, nacreous, brilliant, satiny, glossy, light, glinting, shiny, glittering
having striking color: brilliant, colourful, vivid, colorful
characterized by quickness and ease in learning: intelligent, smart
having lots of light either natural or artificial: light
splendid: glorious
with brightness: brightly, brilliantly
made smooth and bright by or as if by rubbing; reflecting a sheen or glow: burnished, polished, lustrous, shiny, shining

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