silvery Polandia

a. srebrzysty, srebrny

Contoh kalimat

‘Suppose I were not a woman?’ queried La Zambinella, timidly, in a sweet, silvery voice.
pengucapan pengucapan
Judge then of his amazement when, as Thomas opened the library door, he was greeted by a silvery burst of laughter coming from a child.
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His waving, silvery hair was dripping blood, spotting with its red drops the white clerical collar. Upon seeing him cross the fatal field with unsteady step, because of his obesity,
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When the eyes grew accustomed to the surrounding gloom they could make out on the wall some delivery-baskets, bakers' peels, smocks, caps and shoes hanging from nails, and on the ceiling thick, silvery cobwebs covered with dust.
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Drizzt noted a glimmer down to the side-not the flickering yellow of a torch, but a constant silvery stream.
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Her fine silvery breastplate rattled and loosened as the shoulder cord tore apart under the force of Entreri's blow.
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High white towers with silvery cupolas ...
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I could see the doorknob, silvery and a little tarnished in the place where palms had gripped it.
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I leaned back and looked at the silvery, staggering paths the raindrops made as they blew across my window.
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Instead he was a tight, craggy man with a halo of silvery hair, a jawbone that projected willpower, and a volcanic temper.
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resembling or reminiscent of silver: silvern, euphonious, euphonous
having a silver-colored body: bodied, silver-bodied
of a white that resembles silver: neutral, achromatic, silver-white
of something having a color that is a light shiny green: silver-green, chromatic
of something having a color that is a light shiny blue: silver-blue, chromatic
of grey resembling silver: neutral, silver-gray, silvery-grey, achromatic, silver-grey
of grey resembling silver: neutral, silver-gray, silvery-gray, achromatic, silver-grey
having silvery leaves: silvery-leaved, silver-leaved, leafy, silver-leafed
having the white lustrous sheen of silver: silvern, bright, silver
of lustrous grey; covered with or tinged with the color of silver: silverish, neutral, achromatic, argent, silver

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