onyx Jerman

n. Onyx; farbiger Quarz (Edelstein)

onyx Inggris

n. semi-precious stone with alternating layers of color (black and white variety is often used to make cameo brooches); milky quartz with bands of color

Contoh kalimat

After about ten minutes he got up, and throwing on an elaborate dressing-gown of silk-embroidered cashmere wool, passed into the onyx-paved bathroom.
Etwa nach zehn Minuten stand er auf, schlüpfte in einen raffinierten Schlafrock aus Kaschmirwolle mit Seidenstickereien, und ging in das onyxgepflasterte Badezimmer.
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a chalcedony with alternating black and white bands; used in making cameos: chalcedony, sardonyx, calcedony

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