salle Italia

1. (général) auditorio (m); auditorium {invariable}
2. (conférence) sala (f)

Contoh kalimat

It's a solid La Salle and Dearborn Street line-up, so far as I can see.
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La Salle University in Philadelphia.
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The La Salle Street tunnel was soon aglow with white plaster and electric lights.
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Betancuria has it's etymological origin in Juan de Bethencourt and Gadifer de la Salle.
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I was ransomed by La Salle and brought to Florence... where I lived with Mrs. Portinari.
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On the Salle Debussy stage, Denis added: "this poetic and powerful opening film of rare beauty carried us away".
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Saint Louis is a long way from La Salle.
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1. foyer: enceinte, galerie
2. pièce: entrée, hall, antichambre, chambre, salon
3. auditoire: assistance, public
4. salle d'audience